500 Brand New Flat Icons Update

500 Brand New Flat Icons Update

UPDATE STARTED: Please allow 24 hours for changes to take effect and to have the new sets up and ready 🙂

Today we are pleased to announce the release date of our first Free Update for all our loyal customers who purchased our Flat Icons Set Or The Full Icons Bundle!

We’ve been working really hard during the last month to collect requests for new icons and ideas for what the users are looking for to complete their projects, and we’re happy to say that we made it happen. The new Update contains over 500 brand new flat icons that are totally unique and hand crafted just for you. we tackled most of the requests that we’ve got.

What’s New?

  • World monuments flat icons
  • Clothes and fashion flat icons
  • Gambling and Casino flat icons
  • Wellness and beauty spa flat icons
  • Warning signs flat icons
  • Easter holidays flat Icons
  • Animals and Pets flat icons
  • Space Exploration flat icons
  • Construction flat icons
  • Law and justice flat icons
  • Zodiac and horoscopes flat icons
  • Communication and technology flat icons
  • Sweets and candy flat icons
  • Toys and games flat icons
  • Numbers flat icons
  • Yahoo Weather full set flat icons
  • Valentine’s day flat icons
  • Pregnancy and baby care flat icons

Each set includes a minimum of 20 icons and we will keep adding more icons in the future.

The official release date is set for the 8th of March 2014 and the 500 icons will be part of The Full Icons Bundle and the Flat Round Icons Set.

Save $25 by getting the full set now

All users that purchased The Full Bundle or the Flat Icons Set before the release date (8 March 2014) will receive the new 500 icons as a free update along will all the upcoming updates.

Save $25 by getting our sets now! After the update release the  prices of our sets will change to the the following:

  • Flat Icons Set  – 1500 Icons $69
  • Full Icons Bundle – 2100 Icons $85

This is due to the increase of the amount of icons included in each package.

What’s Next?

We already started working on the designs for the next update 🙂

so if you have any ideas or requests in mind, just contact us  and share your thoughts and we will make sure to include it in the next update.



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