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Flat, Line, Glyph & Doodle Icons

The biggest flat icons bundle available online!

Crafted with great attention to detail, our icons set is the ultimate resource for any design project you are working on. Give your website, prints, infographics or applications a unique and clean touch with this versatile set. Whether you are a regular user or a professional designer you will find our collection very friendly & extremely easy to use.


Over 2500 unique vector flat icons, all icons are crafted carefully and following the same colour pattern. Covering 67 different categories.


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Vector Flat Icons Set

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These icons are designed in line style. You can control the thickness of the lines by changing the stroke of the outline. Whether your design requires hairline or bold stokes, you can always modify the icons using Adobe illustrator. We have also included SVG files for each icon, so you can easily create your own web font with the icons you select. The icons come in 3 different PNG sizes, all ready to use. All icons are designed on a Pixel perfect grid to ensure maximum comparability with your designs.

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iOS 8 line icons set

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Scenicons FLar Icons Set


Scenicons is a more complex type of flat icons that illustrate different scenes and actions that you would need to show using a simple icon or illustration.

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Scenicons Flat icons Preview

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A fresh new set that features bold outlines and filled with details, perfect fit for applications and themes.

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outline icons vector set

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Glyph icons


This set of icons is created to look simple, clean, sharp and easy to use in any project. Featuring over 60 different categories.

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Glyph Icons Set Vector

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Hand Drawn Doodle Icons


The Cutest icon set ever! these are not just icons they are fresh and unique illustrations that can be used in almost anything.


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outline icons vector set

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Hand Crafted For You

We have done our best to bring you these icons and we keep creating more to support all your requests.



Hand Crafted Icons.


Design Hours Invested.






Pixels Filled With Goodness.



Features of Flat round icons

Designed to convert

Our icons are designed in round and flat style. The circle has been and will always be the most complete and eye attracting shape. Coupled with simple and clear design the message is conveyed instantly.

Easy to customize

All sets are drawn in Adobe Illustrator. The shapes can be tweaked and the colors adjusted to fit any design you want. Save time and money buy using our icons for your customers and in your templates.

For every one and everything

You don’t need to be a pro to use our icons. They come in various file formats, which makes them very easy to use: PNG, SVG, EPS and Ai.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We believe that you will love our icons. However, shall you not be happy with them, we offer a full refund within 30 days after purchase.  


flat icons set


Using the Flat Icons Set

Websites and Applications

Our Icons will help you illustrate various concepts in a simple and attractive way. They are more than just icons – each one is a flat illustration that can either be used in its circular container or as a standalone illustration. Here are just a few examples for their use:

  • Flat Logo Elements
  • User Avatars
  • Language Selection
  • Banner Illustrations
  • Arrows and Navigation
  • Services and Facilities
  • Offer Headers
  • Shopping and Payment Methods
  • Social Networks and Media
  • Contact Information
  • Map Pins

and many more… imagine the options you’ve got with 7500 icons! All icons are Retina Display ready and can be used in your mobile applications as well as in web templates and themes.


Color Palettes

We have chosen the colors with care to ensure maximum harmony when multiple icons are used on the same page. You can always change the color of the background circle in any icon to fit your design and product identity or just use the illustration alone and draw the circle with your own codes.



We’re Always here for you



Free Support

Need help using the icons? No problems our team will support you free of charge and answer all your questions. Just send us an e-mail!



Free Updates

We are working always to improve the icons, by purchasing the full collection you will receive all our updates and new icons for free as part of after sale service!



License and Usage

You can use these icons for any templates that you resell. You can use them in your applications, and even in templates embedded in your applications.



Our Users Feedback


  • "Making truly exceptional icons accessible is what RoundIcons does best. Their attention to detail and sheer variety make it a must-have resource for your icon collection."
    Jacob Cass | JUST™
  • Really helpful Asset! And thank you for your sincere heart giving free upgrade~ \^_^/
    Jonathan Jang
  • This is stunning! Love every single one of them! This is some solid work and a great price.
    Cris Edwards
  • Round Icons is awesome!
     Great selection of icons with a consistent style throughout. The vectors are well made and easy to modify—no ugly paths or awkward grouping.
    And then when an update was released with hundreds of new icons, they provided it to us at no additional charge.
     Looking forward to more great products from Round Icons!
    Nick Downs
  • Roundicons – icons for any occasions. Just perfect!
    Павел Тепикин
  • There's plenty of variety and detail here while still remaining simple enough to be an "icon".
    Hyun Kim