Flat Icons Volume 2 - Premium Icons Pack

Flat icons 2

3000 Premium Flat icons pack

Flat vector icons with pixel perfect quality, fine details and vibrant colors. This is what makes this set one of our best and biggest,
more icons are being added on regular basis till we reach 4000 icons or maybe more.

Important! Please allow some time for the images to load due to big preview size.

All the formats you need

Our icons are included in all design formats Sketch, Ai Illustrator, PSD Photoshop, SVG, PNG x5 sizes and archived in IconJar library.

Customize in seconds

All icons are layered made in vector or shapes, ready to edit, re-size or fully change colours, this is the easiest to work with.

Free updates and more

We are working continuously to produce new icons and refine the ones we have. You will receive all our updates and new icons for free.


30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Business Development Icons

Agriculture Icons

Agriculture Flat Icons

Emoticons Icons

Emoticons Flat Icons

Animals Icons

Animals Flat Icons

Landmarks Icons

Landmarks Flat Icons

Mini Men Icons

Miniman Flat Icons

Transportation Icons

Transportation Flat Icons

Logogram Icons

Food Icons

Drinks Icons

Drinks Flat Icons

Avatars Icons

Outdoor Activity Icons

Chinese Art Icons

Chinese New Year Flat Icons

Halloween Icons

Halloween Flat Icons

Christmas Icons

Easter Icons

Chemistry Icons

Pregnancy Icons

Drone and VR Icons

News Icons

Love and Marriage Icons

Love and Marriage Flat Icons

Baby and Maternity Icons

Baby and Maternity Flat Icons

Water Sports Icons

Circus Icons

Games Icons

Yoga Positions Icons

Home Appliances Vol. 1 Icons

Home Appliances Vol. 1 Flat Icons

Home Appliances Vol. 2 Icons

Home Appliances Vol. 2 Flat Icons

Organic Products Icons

Devices and Electronics Icons

Devices and electronics Flat Icons

Clothing Icons

clothing Flat Icons

Graphic Design Tools Icons

Beauty and Make Up Icons

Gentlemen Icons

Gentlemen Flat Icons

Auto Service Icons

Auto Service Flat Icons

Weather Icons

Weather Flat Icons

Sound and Audio Icons

Furniture Icons

Furniture Flat Icons

Beliefs Symbols Icons

Beliefs Symbols Flat Icons

Nature and Ecology Icons

nature and Ecology Flat Icons

Leaf Shapes Icons

Leaf Shapes Flat Icons

Shopping and Finance Icons

Finance Flat Icons
Shopping Flat Icons

Robotics Icons

Robots Flat Icons

Touch Gestures Icons

Finger Gestures Flat Icons

Medical and Health Icons

Medical Flat Icons

Sports and Exercise Icons

Sports Flat Icons

Miscellaneous Icons

Miscellaneous Flat icons

Logistic Delivery Icons

logistics delivery flat icons

Real Estate Vol. 1 Icons

Real Estate vol. 1 Flat Icons

Real Estate Vol. 2 Icons

Real Estate Part 2 Flat Icons

Travel and Holidays Icons

Photography UI Icons

Photography UI Flat Icons

Files Icons

Files Flat Icons

Folders Icons

File Formats Icons

Network and Communication Icons

User Interface Icons

User Interface Flat Icons

Toolbar and Application Icons

Web Browser Icons

Web and Applications Icons

Airport sign symbols

Airports Icons Flat Icons

Sacred Geometry Icons


Symbols flat icons

Entertainment Icons

Multimedia Icons

Multimedia Flat Icons

Washing Instruction Icons

Country Flags Icons Part 1

Flags Part 1 Flat Icons

Country Flags Icons Part 2

Country Flags Icons Part 3

Social Media Icons

Social Media Flat Icons

Payments Method Icons

Payment Methods Flat Icons

3000 Unique flat icons in 69 sets

File formats
The pack includes all the formats you need, and we’ll keep upgrading and adding more formats in
Ai | PSD | Sketch | SVG | PNG | IconJar

Icon sizes
Provided in 24px, 32px, 64px, 128px. Additionally, you get all the sizes @2x for retina display use with minimal effort.
All icons are categorized in different folders.

Naming and archive
We did it for you. All icons are named, tagged and archived in an Iconjar library by category.
That way, you can easily search for an icon you need and simply drag & drop it into your application or folder.

Free new icons updates
More icons are currently being created and soon will be added to the set. If you buy the set now,
you will receive all future updates and additions at no extra cost!


30 Days Money-Back Guarantee