Responsive icons set - flat, line and filled

Responsive icons

A unique set of icons where every icon is drawn 4 times in different sizes and modified to carry the same visual message made to provide great pixel perfect quality and high scalability features, this is the meaning of responsive icons.

Below you will be able to see how the same icon can be styled in Flat Coloured with and without container, Filled Glyph, Line Stroke then scaled up to 3 break points without any loss of details nor quality…

1000 Unique icons x 4 responsive sizes x 3 styles, that’s 7000 icons

All icons are Provided in Vector format and can be edited, recoloured and resized.

Important! Please allow some time for the images to load due to big preview size.

Multimedia – 31 icons

multimedia icons

Search Engine Optimization – 58 icons

search engine optimization icons

Interface – 57

web interface icons

Graphic Design Tools – 36

graphic design tools icons

Electronic Devices – 75

electronic devices mobile icons

electronic devices mobile icons

Science and Space – 28 icons

science space icons

Communication – 67 icons

communication web icons

Houseware (House Hold Equipment) – 26 icons  New

housewares icons

Furniture – 115  icons New

interior furniture icons set

furniture icons

Food and Drinks – 115  icons  New

food and drinks icon set

food drinks icons set

E-commerce and Shopping – 97  icons

e-commerce shopping iconse-commerce finance icons

Medical – 82  icons

medical icons

Office and Business – 95  icons

office business icons setoffice business icons

Sports – 40  icons

sports icons

Pointers and Arrows – 51  icons

arrow icons

Controls – 35  icons

controls icons

Social Networks – 31  icons

social network icons pack


icon formats

The complete responsive icons set in Line, Flat Coloured,
Google Material colour swatches and Glyph styles.

 – SVG Webfonts for all icon categories –

 – 1000 Flat Icons coloured in 128px –

– 1000 Google Material round container coloured icons in 128px –

– 1000 Glyph Filled Icons in 128px –

– 1000 Line Icons x 4 responsive sizes, all unique icons – not just scaled – in 128px, 64px, 32px and 16px –

– 30 Days Money back guarantee –

– Free updates and new icons / lifetime –

That’s a total of over 7,000 icons