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Vector Illustrations - Flat icons style

250 Curvy gradient people/avatar illustrations

This is our illustration signature, the curvy gradient people started as a custom design project for a client and after publishing it we got so many requests to produce more elements as the style became very popular. With this high demand we decided to create a pack of people in different jobs, positions and actions that you can use freely in your projects.

The illustrations work perfectly as stand alone characters or as part of a whole scene, we also included a set of banners with background scenes that you can use and modify according to your needs.

Upcoming update: Adding 50 different backgrounds, 100 avatars, 100 objects, vehicles, furniture and tools.

Please note: In order to protect our valuable work we had to cover the preview with a striped lines watermark. Original and purchased artwork will not have this watermark.


Curvy people illustration banner

UI Banner Illustrations

UI Banner illustrations, works as perfect elements to create page guide images for apps, websites, editorial design and social media. Easily modified to blend with your branding style. Different background colors included. We also included all elements used in each illustration as separate icons that can be placed and moved to modify the scenes.

Or download all 30,000+ icons and illustrations by getting “The Full Icons Bundle – $99”

Collection features

  • People illustrations can be used to form any image you want by just combining them in your design

  • All illustrations are designed in vectors so you can scale it easily without losing quality

  • Gradient backgrounds are designed to easily blend with your brand colors. Save time and effort by just changing blending option to multiply

  • Great for websites, guide pages, editorial design and mobile application design

  • All shapes are editable. Remove, edit or recolor any part of the illustrations

Latest update: 11 April 2018

Upcoming update: 250 New elements

Pack specifications

• People: 500px x 500px
• Banners: 1800px x 800px
• Vector illustrations
• Free updates to purchased pack
Standard LicenseExtended license



At home

At the Beach


At the bar

Winter time



At the airport

Backpacking and hiking


Water activities

Walking dogs







Everyday actions





Ready made banners

We also included some pre-designed banners that you can use in your designs or just change/add the elements on it. More banners will be published as updates.

Note: All banners and elements are included in purchase .

Technology Banners

Technology scenes that show how the creative juices flow in a designers daily work

Airport Banners

Different scenarios that we see everyday at the airport with various elements all made in vector formats

Camping Banners

Camping scenes to really get back to nature, including scenes from families swimming in a river to a group around the campfire

Shopping Banners

Shopping scenes from malls and stores

Christmas Holidays Banners

Cheerful scenes of Santa Claus spreading the joy of Christmas with various backgrounds and elements all in vector format