Vector Line Icons Set

1700 IOS Vector Line Icons Set

These icons are designed in line style. You can control the thickness of the lines by changing the stroke of the outline. Whether your design requires hairline or bold stokes, you can always modify the icons using Adobe illustrator.
We have also included SVG files for each icon, so you can easily create your own web font with the icons you select. The icons come in 3 different PNG sizes.
All icons are designed on a Pixel perfect grid to ensure maximum comparability with your designs.

PNG | SVG | Ai | Webfont | IconJar library


Web font included
1700 Line icons (EOT, TTF, WOFF, SVG & CSS) – All Sets 

Documents and Bookmarks Icons

documents and bookmark line icons

Social Network Icons

social network line icons

Ecology Icons

ecology line icons

Arrows Icons

arrows line icons

People Icons

people line icons

Medical Icons

medical line icons

Badges and Rating Icons

badges rating line icons

Warning and Prohibition Signs Icons

warning signs line icons

Food and Drinks Icons

food drinks line icons

Party Icons

party line icons

Chat Icons

chat line icons

Emoticons and Smileys Icons

emoticons smilies line icons

Files and Formats Icons

file formats line icons

Nature Icons

nature line icons

Text and Edition Icons

text editor line icons

Baby and Pregnancy Icons

baby pregnancy line icons

Clothing and Fashion Icons

clothing fashion line icons

Construction Icons

construction line icons

Easter Icons

easter line icons

Casino and Gambling Icons

casino gambling line icons

Law and Justice Icons

law justice line icons

Pets and Animals Icons

pets animals line icons

Warning Signs Icons

warning signs line icons

Smoking Icons

smoking line icons

Space Icons

space line icons

Sweets Icons

sweets line icons

Communication and Network Icons

communication network line icons

Toys Icons

toys line icons

World Monuments Icons

world monuments line icons

Valentine and Love Icons

valentine love line icons

Zodiac Signs Icons

Wellness and Beauty Icons

wellness beauty line icons

Home Appliance Icons

home appliance line icons

Water Icons

water line icons

Meditation and Yoga Icons

meditation and yoga line icons

Transportation Icons

transportation line icons

Soccer Icons

soccer and football line icons

Retro Icons

retro line icons

Avatar Icons

avatar line icons

Music Icons

music instruments line icons

Animals Icons

animals line icons

Audio Video Game Controls Icons

audio controls line icons

Charts Icons

charts line icons

Drugstore Icons

drug store line icons

Finance Icons

finance line icons

Food: Beverages Icons

drinks line icons

Food: Fruits and Vegetables Icons

fruits and vegetables line icons

Food: Meals Icons

foods and meals line icons

Food: Pastry Icons

food pastry line icons

Food: Sweets Icons

sweets and candy line icons

Gaming Icons

gaming line icons

Halloween Icons

halloween line icons

Search Engine Optimization Icons

search engine optimization line icons

Graphic Design Tools Icons

graphic design tools line icons

Multimedia and Communication Icons

multimedia and communication line icons

Sports and Athletic Icons

sports line icons

Touch Gestures Icons

touch gestures line icons

Shopping Icons

shopping line icons

Real Estate and Furniture Icons

real estate and furniture line icons

Education and Science Icons

education science line icons

Office and Business Icons

office business line icons

Travel and Transportation Icons

travel transportation line icons

Weather Icons

weather line icons

Now that you’ve seen it all

What’s included in your download

All icons are included in PNG, SVG, AI,  Webfont and IconJar formats

PNG files are all in 24 optimized file format with 3 different sizes 60px, 48 and 30 px .

SVG files are set in SVG 1.1 Mode compatible with Retina Display and scalable for web usage.

Source Files are in Adobe Illustrator CS5 Format with all layers included and grouped with each icon.

Webfonts all icon sets are now available as webfonts included in your purchase.

The complete set is vectorized, built with Adobe Illustrator and scalable to any desired size.

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