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We love making new creative icons!

Everyone’s heard the phrase “a picture says more than a thousand words”. And while I’m not a fan of clichés, that one’s got a point. Images have got to be the most universal language there is. A single illustration is able to get the message across, regardless of the recipient’s background or language skills.

Every designer must be conscious of this fascinating phenomenon in order to create attractive and comprehensive designs. For my part, I’m very keen on using icons in my work.
The idea of an extensive and diverse library of unique icons that can be used on various platforms and serve every design purpose, has been bustling in my mind for a good while. When the flat trend started last year and the demand for clean and simple icons rose, I felt inspired to dig up that idea and bring it to life.
Living on the beautiful coast of the Red Sea, the warm and sunny weather creates a laid-back working environment and nurtures creativity. These conditions have drawn many an artist to the area, one of whom I was lucky to get on board – a talented young designer from Holland, Suzanne de Jong. With Suzanne’s fresh outlook and the assistance of an enthusiastic web designer who took over the management of the project, Natalie Schaubert, we started putting together a list of 3000 icons that could illustrate anything designers might need.
With the release of 1000 icons, the first milestone is reached. We are now dedicating all our time to completing the whole set of 3000 as a free update for all our customers and finally getting that all-encompassing library of flat icons on the web.
Every icon is first sketched on paper before it is drawn in detail using Adobe Illustrator and carefully reviewed by the team when completed.

We aim to provide all possible formats – from vector source files to raster PNGs in different sizes. Additionally, we’re currently working on creating the Photoshop version of each icon, giving each designer the utmost flexibility to enjoy and the ability to use them, regardless of the skill level.
The idea behind the circle surrounding each illustration is that, in our opinion, it is the most complete shape that draws attention to its center and thus the image contained within. Choosing a well-balanced color palette for the circles (which can be changed or removed entirely) the icons look attractive without distracting from the message they send.
We wish the set to be a fun and helpful tool to all its users.

Now we reached 30,500 Icons and we will not stop producing more and more to keep our title as the world’s biggest icons bundle!

5 Years anniversary celebration

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