Flat Icons Volume 1 - Round design

Flat Round Icons Vol. 1

More than 2500 Flat and unique vector icons,ย made for designers and developers!

This is the ultimateย flat icons vector set, all our icons combined in one giant pack. Make sure to check our Vol.2ย !

All the formats you need

Our icons are included in all formats. Source files: Ai (Adobe Illustrator Vector), PSD (Adobe Photoshop Vector Shapes), SVG, EPS 10 and PNG in 5 sizes. So whatever software or knowledge you have, you’ll find what you need.

Customise in seconds

All icons are layered and includes the source design files which allows you to customize, re-size and change the color of each icon. Also use them with or without the round shape background depending on the style of your project.

Free updates and more

We are working continuously to produce new icons and refine the ones we have. You will receive all our updates and new icons for free as part of our after sale service. We are aiming to reach 5000 Flat icons.

30 Days Money-Back Guaranteeย 

Bonus: Line Icons Web font included with the setย 
1700 Line icons (EOT, TTF, WOFF, SVG & CSS)

Transportation Flat Icons Set

Transportation flat icons

Avatars Business Flat Icons Set

People_Business flat icons

Avatars Random Flat Icons Set

People_Random flat icons

Avatars Medical, Education and Science Flat Icons Set

People_Medical_eduction_Science flat icons

Avatars Multicultural Flat Icons Set

People_Multicultural flat icons

Avatars Crime Protection Flat Icons Set

People_Crime_Protection flat icons

Avatars Services Flat Icons Set

Avatars_Services flat icons

Animals Flat Icons Set

animals flat icons

Meditation Flat Icons Set

Meditation flat icons

Yoga Poses Flat Icons Set

Yoga Poses flat icons

Charts Flat Icons Set

Charts flat icons

Finance Flat Icons Set

Finance flat icons

Home Appliance Flat Icons Set

Home Appliance flat icons

Drug Store Flat Icons Set

drug store flat icons

Music Entertainment Flat Icons Set

Music Entertainment flat icons

Audio/Video Flat Icons Set

audio_video_game flat icons

Meals Flat Icons Set

Food_Meals flat icons

Fruits and Vegetables Flat Icons Set

Food_Fruit_Vegetables flat icons

Sweets and Candy Flat Icons Set

Food_Sweets_Candy flat icons

Pastries Flat Icons Set

Food_Pastries flat icons

Gaming Flat Icons Set

Gaming flat icons

Halloween Flat Icons Set

Halloween flat icons

Water Flat Icons Set

water Flat Icons

Food & Beverages Flat Icons Set

Food Beverages flat icons

Soccer Flat Icons Set

Soccer Flat Icons

Retro Flat Icons Set

Retro Flat Icons

World Monuments Flat Icons Set


Baby Care and Pregnancy Flat Icons Set


Construction Flat Icons Set

construction flat icons

Clothes and Fashion Flat Icons Set

Clothes Fashion Flat Icons

Beauty, Wellness and Spa Flat Icons Set

Beauty Wellness Spa Flat Icons

Casino and Gambling Flat Icons Set

Gambling Casino Flat Icons

Easter Flat Icons Set

easter flat icons

Law and Justice Flat Icons Set

law flat icons

Pets Flat Icons Set


Warning Signs Flat Icons Set

warning signs flat icons

Smoking Flat Icons Set


Technology Flat Icons Set

Technology flat icons

Space Flat Icons Set

Space Flat icons

Zodiacs and Horoscope signs Flat Icons Set

zodiacs horoscope flat icons

Yahoo Weather Flat Icons Full Set


Toys and Games Flat Icons

toys games flat icons

Sweets and Drinks Flat Icons

sweets drinks flat icons

Valentine’s Day 40 Flat Icons

Romance and Valentine's Flat Icons

Graphic design tools 36 Icons

graphic design flat icons set

Multimedia and communicationsย Flat Icons


Sports and Athletic Flat Icons


Hand Gestures Flat Icons


Shopping Flat Icons

shopping flat icons set

Real Estate and Furniture Flat Icons


Search Engine Optimization Flat Icons

sep flat icons set

Education and Science Flat Icons

education flat icons set

Numbers Flat Icons Set


Office and Business Flat Icons

office flat icons set

Travel and Transportation Flat Icons

travel flat icons set

Weather Flat Icons


Documents and Bookmarks Flat Icons


Social Media Flat Icons


Ecology Flat Icons

ecology flat icons set

Arrows and Directions Flat Icons

arrows flat icons set

Faces and users Flat Icons


Medical and health Flat Icons

medical flat icons set

Badges and votes Flat Icons

badges rewards flat icons set

Country flags Flat Icons


Alerts and notifications Flat Icons


Food and drinks Flat Icons

food flat icons set

Party Flat Icons

party flat icons set

Chat and messages Flat Icons

communications flat icons set

Emoticons and smileys Flat Icons

smilies flat icons set

Scuba diving tools Flat Icons

scuba diving flat icons set

E-commerce payment gateways Flat Icons

payment methods flat icons set

File types Flat Icons

file types flat icons set

Christmas Flat Icons

christmas flat icons set

Nature and animals Flat Icons

nature flat icons set

Now that you’ve seen it all

What’s included in your download

More than 2500 flat icons are included in Ai, PSD, SVG, EPS and PNG formats

All icons are Archived, named and tagged in IconJar library

The complete set is available in vector format and scalable to any required size using the Ai and Psd source files.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Check Our 1700 Vector Line Icons Set

the set includes SVG | Ai | PNG | Webfont formats for all the icons.

All icons are compatible with IOS 8ย and Android displays, designed on multiple grids and with different thickness according to the icon size.

Check the Vector Line Icons Set

IOS 8 Vector line icons