Glyph Icons Set

1700 Monochrome glyph icons and symbols

This set of icons is created to look simple, clean, sharp and easy to use in any project. The icons feature over 60 different categories that covers almost every symbol you could think of and more will be coming through with our free updates.

The icons come in different formats and sizes that will allow everyone to easily edit, re-colour and style them to fit the project. Ai source files for Adobe Illustrator, PNG format in 5 different sizes ( 128,60,48,30 & 24 px) , .CSH are included for Adobe Photoshop users and .SVG files for creating your webfont

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Glyphs Black

white background

Glyph icons white

black background

Documents Icons

documents glyph icons

Files Icons

files glyph icons

Bookmark and Tags Icons

bookmark and tags glyph icons

Interface Icons

interface glyph icons

Status Icons

status glyph icons

Edition Icons

edition glyph icons

Settings Icons

settings glyph icons

Transfers Icons

transfers glyph icons

Arrows Vol. 1 Icons

arrows vol. 1 glyph icons

Arrows Vol. 2 Icons

arrows vol. 2 glyph icons

Audio Icons

audio glyph icons

Video Icons

video glyph icons

Windows Icons

windows glyph icons

Photo Icons

photo glyph icons

Folders Icons

folders glyph icons

Network and Sharing Icons

network and sharing glyph icons

Hierarchy Icons

hierarchy glyph icons

Technology Icons

technology glyph icons

Hardware Icons

hardware glyph icons

Shoppping Icons

shopping glyph icons

Time Icons

time glyph icons

Multimedia Icons

multimedia glyph icons

Chat and Messages Icons

chat and messages glyph icons

Business Icons

business glyph icons

Love Icons

love glyph icons

Leisure and Entertainment Icons

leisure and entertainment glyph icons

Food and Beverages Icons

food and beverages glyph icons

User Icons

users glyph icons

Medical Icons

medical glyph icons

Phone and Communication Icons

phone and communication glyph icons

Clothes Vol. 1 Icons

clothes vol 1 glyph icons

Clothes Vol. 2 Icons

clothes vol 2 glyph icons

E-mail Icons

email glyph icons

Education and Science Icons

education and science glyph icons

Prohibition Signs Icons

prohibition signs glyph icons

Design Icons

design glyph icons

Graphic Design Tools Icons

graphic design tools glyph icons

Nature and Ecology Icons

nature and eco glyph icons

Places Icons

places glyph icons

Maps and Location Icons

maps and location glyph icons

Alerts Icons

alerts glyph icons

Weather Icons

weather glyph icons

Cursor and Selection Icons

cursor and selection glyph icons

Touch Gestures Icons

touch gestures glyph icons

Construction Icons

construction glyph icons

Gambling Icons

gambling glyph icons

Transportation Icons

transportation glyph icons

Zodiac Signs Icons

zodiac signs glyph icons

Space Icons

space glyph icons

Servers Icons

servers glyph icons

Baby care Icons

baby care glyph icons

Badges and Votes Icons

badges and votes glyph icons

Emoticons Icons

emoticons glyph icons

Emoticons vol. 2 Icons

emoticons 2 glyph icons

Easter Icons

easter glyph icons

File types Images Icons

file types images glyph icons

File types Programing Icons

File types Video Icons

file types video glyph icons

File types Audio Icons

file types audio glyph icons

File types Documents Icons

file types documents glyph icons

File types Archive Icons

file types archive glyph icons

Social Media Icons (no container)

social media glyph icons

What’s included in your download

1700 Glyph icons, included in Ai, CSH, SVG,PNG and Webfont formats

The complete set is available in vector format and scalable to any required size using the Ai and CSH source files.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Webfonts free update 20.07.2015

All Icons Archived in Iconjar free update 20.07.2015